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Arroyo Seco, NM

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That’s Entertainment!

 As a working Hollywood actor and former restaurateur, chef Chris Maher knows how to add sizzle to his cooking classes. By DAVE HERNDON | Photography by DOUGLAS MERRIAMRight: Chef Chris Maher. Left: The presentation of the dishes, vino included. “THE DALAI LAMA is not a vegetarian. He likes meat!” says Chris Maher, who has cooked for the... {...}

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A Day at Cooking Studio Taos

FOOD THOUGHTS | SEPTEMBER 2, 2013 BY STEVE COLLINS | 2 COMMENTS It’s a perfect August day in Northern New Mexico when we arrive at Cooking Studio Taos in Arroyo Seco. There are three of us and we’re there to take a cooking class from Chris Maher and learn about his philosophy of life first... {...}

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A Toast to Taos

A Toast to Taos By Mike Gerrard On September 7, 2015 No Comments ‘Cooking is art. Cooking is about hand, about heart, it’s not about exactness. I’m not a baker. Baking is a science.’ As we’re listening to Chris Maher introduce himself and his Cooking Studio Taos, his little girl walks through the room carrying a bunny... {...}

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A Culinary Weekend Not To Be Missed

A Culinary Weekend Not To Be Missed Written by Susie Campriello culinary, New Mexico Cuisine, Northern New Mexico, Taos Taos Leave a Comment Eat. Cook. Laugh. Learn. That’s how Valerie Maher describes a cooking class at Cooking Studio Taos. Run out of the home Maher shares with her husband, James Beard Foundation-recognized chef Christopher Maher... {...}

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